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Last Blog Post

2 min read

I have officially finished this class with my last post on my teach something links. I wanted to wish everyone luck with the last couple of days of finals week and thank you all for being amazing classmates. This was one of my favorite classes this semester and I have really learned a lot from Professor McVerry, and all of my peers. I also feel like being able to take this class and learn has been the main reason why I have done so well this semester. All my work has improved and I feel like this is one of my best classes grade-wise and I am very grateful for that. I would recommend this class to many other students on the SCSU campus because not only does this class teach you a lot but it gives you a private/public space to vent and be able to tell how you are feeling. This class has really done this for me because I have gone through a lot this semester and being able to blog post on this website has really helped me understand to not be afraid to talk about my feelings. I wish everyone luck with the following semesters to come and don't forget to follow your dreams and live your life to the fullest!

To professor McVerry, I wanted to thank you for being one of the best professors I have had on Southern's campus.  You have taught me a lot about new literacies and being able to open up to others around me. I really appreciate everything you have done for me and the class during this pandemic. 

Everyone stay safe and stay healthy! Enjoy your Summer 

- Briana 

Teach Something Links

2 min read

Hello class, I have been posting my teach something links as I have been finishing my Teach something portfolio. This has been one of my favorite college assignments throughout my whole experience. This teach something project is a big part of who I am and really shows the daily problems I go through. Some people don't think my story is a big deal because yeah everyone gets into accidents but for me, at the young age I was when it happened took a toll on a lot of things. I hope you will take the time to look at all on my links and my story and I hope you enjoy it!

My Tumblr Page

I made a Tumblr page for you all to look at. It explains my story, records of my sleeping schedule, and tips for you all to learn if you have sleeping problems. 

Ignite Talk

Here is my Ignite Talk that will bring you to my Youtube account to watch the talk. 

Ignite Storyboard

My ignite storyboard will give you more information about my teach something project and why I chose this as my topic. 


Please take time out of the busy finals week ( If you have time) to fill out my survey.

Sleep Survey

1 min read

If all of my fellow peers could take a second out of this busy finals week and please take my sleep survey, I would greatly appreciate it.

(All responses will be kept private no one will be able to see them but me.)

Teach Something Link

1 min read

If you click on the link below it will bring you to my Tumblr page. This page consists of better sleeping tips and techniques because of things I have gone through in the past. I hope you all enjoy.

What I am going to teach!

1 min read

Three years ago I was in a major accident on Boston Post Road that I am still recovering from to this day. I live in pain every day since that day and have to deal with migraines and always will for the rest of my life. The only way for me to have some of the pain and migraines to be relieved is through surgery. When I was told about the surgery I was super excited about finally having something that could help, all until I heard about the surgery. It is not possible. The biggest problem I have lived with is not being able to sleep throughout the night and not getting enough sleep. I have researched and thought about many ways to sleep better. I want to teach my better sleeping techniques with anyone that may be going through the same problem as me which is not sleeping all that well. I will post a blog post of my sleep from a past week and teach my better sleeping techniques I will share the apps and techniques I have learned. 

What goes into good teaching?

2 min read

Throughout my years at Southern Connecticut State University, I have learned what goes into good teaching. As a major in Special Education, I want to be the best teacher I can possibly be, and from all of my teachers, I know what I can do to make that happen. The main thing I believe goes into being a good teacher is being involved and supportive of all students. This is because every student learns differently no one is the same. I am not as fast as a learner as my peers are but with the help and support of my teachers, it always helps me be comfortable to ask questions and know they have my back. Another important aspect that goes into being a good teacher is being organized by giving school work and deadlines out. I have come into problems with some teachers not being organized and not being clear about due dates and it is a huge problem that affects the student's grade. This also has to do with having good communication skills as a teacher. Every student needs good communication from their teacher because outside of school you never know what the student is going through at home. I have struggled with having little to no communication with professors in the past and it has really jeopardized and hurt my education in the long run. Finally, with being a good teacher there are many other aspects that go into being a good teacher but, from my perspective and situations I have gone through those are the main aspects I believe that is the most important for being a good teacher and teaching any student because at the end of the day all students are different. But every student has the right to be supported and learn in a healthy and communicated environment. 

Personal Blog Post

1 min read

During the time of COVID-19 I have realized how important it is to have social interaction. In the past couple of weeks, I have missed being on campus with all my friends and especially roommates. Something I have tried that may be helpful to others is take an hour or two out of your day to be in contact with the people you can not hang out with. For me, it has helped to take that hour to catch up with what's going on as well as listening to others. I have come to understand that it helps me not feel alone during this social distancing but feel connected even if it is over the phone. I would encourage all to try this if you're having trouble with the COVID-19 new rules. I hope all everyone is healthy and safe and is doing well with school.

Learning Update #3

2 min read

In my third design, I have challenged myself to make a heart design. To start this bracelet off you will have four colors again and make a loop at the top with a knot. This bracelet will be set up like the chevron so there will be eight total strings after you make the loop knot. To start with string #1 on the left side and make a "4" and pull up tight to make a tight knot and go on till you get to the 4th string. You will do the same thing on the right side starting with string #1 and now make a "D" and pull up tight to make a knot this will start the top of the heart. To make the color inside the heart you will start with string #2 and make a tight knot all the way to the 4th string to finish the inside color of the heart. Then you will start with the third color string to finish the inside. To finish the outside of the heart using the same color you used to form the top of the heart. This video will guide you step by step to finish the heart. This was one of the toughest patterns I have tried but one that I really enjoy making. Keep going with the bracelet to finish the pattern until the end. If there is any confusion I would relate back to the video to have a better understanding of how to form this pattern.

Learning Update #2

2 min read

For another pattern I have learned is called the Chevron. For this pattern, it is a little more difficult but it is another interesting pattern. To start this bracelet you will need four different colored strings to complete the pattern. Depending on how much string you have you can either measure or guess how much you will need. When you have your four colors fold them so all ends are together on the bottom and there is a loop on top after you make the knot. There will be eight strings all together but make sure string #1 on both sides match up and same with strings 2, 3, and 4 all match up so there should be two strings for each color. The video below at point 1 minute will show you how to set it up. There will now be 4 strings on both sides will all colors matching up. Take string #1 and make a "4" over the second string and pull up tight to make a knot, and so on till you get to the 4th string then stop. Then you will take the same colored string #1 on the right side and make a "D" over string #2 and pull uptight and so on till you get to the 4th string on the right side. The next step will be is to take strings #2 and complete the same steps on both sides. In the end, there will be a visual view of each color looking like a "V". The video below will give a better visual representation of each step as my steps may be confusing because this bracelet is a little more confusing.