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What I am going to teach!

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Three years ago I was in a major accident on Boston Post Road that I am still recovering from to this day. I live in pain every day since that day and have to deal with migraines and always will for the rest of my life. The only way for me to have some of the pain and migraines to be relieved is through surgery. When I was told about the surgery I was super excited about finally having something that could help, all until I heard about the surgery. It is not possible. The biggest problem I have lived with is not being able to sleep throughout the night and not getting enough sleep. I have researched and thought about many ways to sleep better. I want to teach my better sleeping techniques with anyone that may be going through the same problem as me which is not sleeping all that well. I will post a blog post of my sleep from a past week and teach my better sleeping techniques I will share the apps and techniques I have learned.