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Teach Something Links

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Hello class, I have been posting my teach something links as I have been finishing my Teach something portfolio. This has been one of my favorite college assignments throughout my whole experience. This teach something project is a big part of who I am and really shows the daily problems I go through. Some people don't think my story is a big deal because yeah everyone gets into accidents but for me, at the young age I was when it happened took a toll on a lot of things. I hope you will take the time to look at all on my links and my story and I hope you enjoy it!

My Tumblr Page

I made a Tumblr page for you all to look at. It explains my story, records of my sleeping schedule, and tips for you all to learn if you have sleeping problems. 

Ignite Talk

Here is my Ignite Talk that will bring you to my Youtube account to watch the talk. 

Ignite Storyboard

My ignite storyboard will give you more information about my teach something project and why I chose this as my topic. 


Please take time out of the busy finals week ( If you have time) to fill out my survey.