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What goes into good teaching?

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Throughout my years at Southern Connecticut State University, I have learned what goes into good teaching. As a major in Special Education, I want to be the best teacher I can possibly be, and from all of my teachers, I know what I can do to make that happen. The main thing I believe goes into being a good teacher is being involved and supportive of all students. This is because every student learns differently no one is the same. I am not as fast as a learner as my peers are but with the help and support of my teachers, it always helps me be comfortable to ask questions and know they have my back. Another important aspect that goes into being a good teacher is being organized by giving school work and deadlines out. I have come into problems with some teachers not being organized and not being clear about due dates and it is a huge problem that affects the student's grade. This also has to do with having good communication skills as a teacher. Every student needs good communication from their teacher because outside of school you never know what the student is going through at home. I have struggled with having little to no communication with professors in the past and it has really jeopardized and hurt my education in the long run. Finally, with being a good teacher there are many other aspects that go into being a good teacher but, from my perspective and situations I have gone through those are the main aspects I believe that is the most important for being a good teacher and teaching any student because at the end of the day all students are different. But every student has the right to be supported and learn in a healthy and communicated environment.