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I play with code to understand comprehension as I have no way to comprehend code.

Collaborative Case Study Essay by Maria Mauriello and Shaoshi Huang

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The online community that Shaoshi and I picked is the Subreddit r/explainlikeimfive. On this particular online community you can ask questions in certain categories and get simple explanations to your complicated questions. Anyone can share on Reddit, and there is equal participation. Anyone can answer people’s questions and post responses to them, while there are all types of questions being asked and answered. Reddit is free to use and available to view without an account. However, to post you do need an account, but that’s also free. Social media is the type of platform, and they all share  one goal in this particular community. Everyone is on this community forum to find simple answers to questions they need answering. Everyone is here to just learn and you can tag your question by subject so people with like interests can help you. There are many other subreddits just like this one that inspire people to learn and share their own learning. You can filter the questions in this subreddit by topic so you can learn more about what you’re interested in or you can answer questions that you would know the most about. An example question being asked was “Why is it possible to understand a language but not be able to speak it?” under the other category. Most people answering these questions cite their sources or say that they work in the field of inquiry. It’s not totally reliable since anyone can post, but as long as credible sources are there, it holds academic weight. People in this subreddit may have questions about how or why something works and have their question answered which may inspire them to go out and create it themselves now that they know how. It's a community forum opened to the public that anyone can access and ask questions on. Just by asking a question you need help with, you're already on the right path, it's ok to know that you need help if you're stuck on something. Finding an answer could be tough, you don’t know if you can trust the person who is giving you the answer or if it’s credible, but it does spark conversations and can stimulate your mind to ask more questions, benefiting you in the long run.

Podcast # 3

Podcast #2

Bookmark 3: Latin For Beginners | Textkit

This has been my main source for information. It's super helpful and breaks everything down to pretty simple terms. It includes little, simple exercises to help you better understand it and includes explanations as well. I'm not doing the entire book since that'd be quite the feat in such a little amount of time. I'm just trying to get a decent foothold on the history/grammar of it all which makes the timeline assignment almost perfect. 

Bookmark 2: The Value of Latin | Ryan Sellers | TEDxMemphis - YouTube

This TedTalk is what really inspired me to take a shot at Latin. He makes pretty solid arguments about the benefits of learning the language. Not just lingual benefits but awareness of culture and the western world. 

Bookmark 1

This website has provided me with the basic declensions of nouns. It's nice to refer to when I just need them all in one place. I like how easy it is to follow and how it highlights the endings so you can easily pick up on different patterns. 

What I learned

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I missed the past blog posts that contained coming up with ideas for what I wanna learn but I decided that I was going to learn the simplistic version of 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' and 'Hot Crossed Buns' to start off my journey of learning the guitar. Its been something I have been eager to learn since my freshman year of high school.