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Learning Update #1

2 min read

When I first said what I was going to learn I talked about friendship bracelets with the thing string. The reason I wanted to learn more patterns was to become more crafty and also help with the social distancing with COVID-19. The first pattern I learned after only knowing one is called the Chinese staircase. I have come to love this new pattern because it is different and has a nice design to it. This design to some people may be challenging but is interesting while going through the motions to get to the end. When trying to make this bracelet you can see three to five pieces of string. If you use three strings the design will come out a little smaller than you may want but will still look interesting. For my Chinese staircase pattern, I have used five strings to be able to show the design a little better. When starting off your bracelet you will need to make a knot at the top and tape the knot to a hard surface so you have control of your bracelet. The next step will be to decide the color you want to start off with and then followed by each color you will want to use after. To make the design you will make a "D" with the first string. Step by step take the first string and bring it over the four other strings laying flat so the end of the first string is over the others on the left side. Bring the string you brought over to the left side and pull the string up to make a knot. To get the correct pattern make sure you pull the string up tight so it doesn't get loose. To continue the bracelet keep continuing the same technique even when you switch colors. The video below will also help these steps be more clear if these step by steps are confusing.

What I plan to learn

2 min read

- What I plan to learn: I have worked at a summer camp for the past 5 years now and we have always the string to break friendship bracelets. This is something I have done as a kid where I was upset at times or when I had many many concussions. Making these bracelets would help me destress and just gather my thoughts. I know many different ways to make different patterns but what I want to learn is how to make difficult patterns using small beads to add into the bracelet. During this time of the COVID-19 and all classes moving to online for the rest of the semester, this is something I will be able to do in my free time to stay active in a different way for me. 

- Days and Hours: I will try to give myself some free time of 2 hours per day during the week. I have only chosen 2 hours because I still have a lot of work to do for my classes but enjoying free time is important to everyone's daily life. 

- Materials: Friendship bracelet string, Clear tape, a hard surface to tape the string to the surface, scissors, beads. 

Day Seven Photo Challenge: A Picture That Tells a Story

1 min read

This picture tells my story because, my family is the most important thing in my life. This is our familiy quote " Live The Life You love, Love The Life You Live "


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What is a selfie?

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A selfie is when a person takes a picture of themseleves in which ever way they would like. Some people take slefies to show the best verison of themselves, there could also be a specific reasoning of why the selfie is also published. It is also published on social media.