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Learning Update #2

2 min read

For another pattern I have learned is called the Chevron. For this pattern, it is a little more difficult but it is another interesting pattern. To start this bracelet you will need four different colored strings to complete the pattern. Depending on how much string you have you can either measure or guess how much you will need. When you have your four colors fold them so all ends are together on the bottom and there is a loop on top after you make the knot. There will be eight strings all together but make sure string #1 on both sides match up and same with strings 2, 3, and 4 all match up so there should be two strings for each color. The video below at point 1 minute will show you how to set it up. There will now be 4 strings on both sides will all colors matching up. Take string #1 and make a "4" over the second string and pull up tight to make a knot, and so on till you get to the 4th string then stop. Then you will take the same colored string #1 on the right side and make a "D" over string #2 and pull uptight and so on till you get to the 4th string on the right side. The next step will be is to take strings #2 and complete the same steps on both sides. In the end, there will be a visual view of each color looking like a "V". The video below will give a better visual representation of each step as my steps may be confusing because this bracelet is a little more confusing.