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Learning Update #3

2 min read

In my third design, I have challenged myself to make a heart design. To start this bracelet off you will have four colors again and make a loop at the top with a knot. This bracelet will be set up like the chevron so there will be eight total strings after you make the loop knot. To start with string #1 on the left side and make a "4" and pull up tight to make a tight knot and go on till you get to the 4th string. You will do the same thing on the right side starting with string #1 and now make a "D" and pull up tight to make a knot this will start the top of the heart. To make the color inside the heart you will start with string #2 and make a tight knot all the way to the 4th string to finish the inside color of the heart. Then you will start with the third color string to finish the inside. To finish the outside of the heart using the same color you used to form the top of the heart. This video will guide you step by step to finish the heart. This was one of the toughest patterns I have tried but one that I really enjoy making. Keep going with the bracelet to finish the pattern until the end. If there is any confusion I would relate back to the video to have a better understanding of how to form this pattern.