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I play with code to understand comprehension as I have no way to comprehend code.

Hey everybody there was a slight glitch in the WeVideo free account. Gonna take me a day or so to get it sorted.

I am gonna work on the the material for the Ingite talks.

Hey everybody, quick update. I just got power back from Monday's storm and still have no internet. I will not be able to meet with Design Studio or video conference 1:1.

I want to make sure everyone has chosen their pathway and what to teach. I am going to make a simple template page for the final if you just want to add one page to Glitch.

If you are choosing Tumblr share a link to your website here.

Here is the link to the timeline

Today's prompt: What builds your self-esteem? Why?

(Feel free to respond, these have nothing to do with your grade, just going to be daily boredom, feeling blue, need to correct prompt)...Wanna play....

Just send a reply to this post...I will make a video)

Smart, I like how you identitifeied the text structure Winn used to describe the four studies she discussed.

Here is a video of yesterday's live class session, I go over the podcast tutorial:

Hey all I am gonna start and record the live demo now on how to podcast but it seems many have figure it out.

Please remember what we talked about how good writers organize their writing. Take advantage of parapgraphs and headings.

Large blocks of text make it harder on the reader