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What I learned

1 min read

I missed the past blog posts that contained coming up with ideas for what I wanna learn but I decided that I was going to learn the simplistic version of 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' and 'Hot Crossed Buns' to start off my journey of learning the guitar. Its been something I have been eager to learn since my freshman year of high school. 

Learner Identity *Week 3*

1 min read

I do believe I have a good identity as a learner because when I'm in a good headspace, I always try to learn the material given to me front and back. I love figuring out hard problems and instead of becoming upset when I don't understand something, I breathe and keep trying. 


Why Do We Take Selfies *Week 2*

2 min read

I believe we take selfies because they ensure we dont forget any memories. Selfies are the easiest way to have a moment recalled at any moment, with just a couple swipes at your phone. For me perosnally, whenever i'm having not the best day, I love looking back at my good times and it brightens my day. Many would argue that taking selfies takes away from the moment and has become excessive. Amber Case believes that that we are becoming "reliant on our external brains" and that "we cannot live without our secondary lives." To an extent, I agree with this because for myself, I always have my phone in my hands and the minute I recieve a notification, I'm instantly looking at my phone. I even do it when I don't recieve one.

I also believe that people use selfies as a way to boost their self esteem, but to also to project themselves in the best light, which may not be their true selves or the most realistic, we as humans tend to conform to some standard no matter what. According to the social identity, social identiy stems from "that part of a individual's self concept, which derives from their knowledge of their membership of a social group together with the value and emotional significance of that membership." In a way, you can see this in the stratification to become "instagram/twitter famous".