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I play with code to understand comprehension as I have no way to comprehend code.

Photo Challenge for Day Two: Post a picture of your doorway onto the world.

EDU 106 Module One-Week One Checklist

1 min read

Ask yourself the following questions:

-Did I complete the readings?

-Did I trace the shape of a common story?

-Did I trace the shape of a common communitcation text like email?

-Did I do a free choice writing or respond to the optional prompt?


You may have already worked on your unselfie but that was our maker challenge this week. Maker challenges are introduced each week but not due until the end of the month.

Hey everyone, here is my Ignite Talk:

BTW just found out my grades are due 5/20 so I can give everyone until 5/17 to get me their work.

Video on how to make your ignite talk slideshow in Google Slides:

Here is a video on how to plan the ignite talk storyboard.

Well for half the live stream I was muted and then I recorded again and the video file came back empty....grrrr. I will just record a quick screencast for filling out the ignite template.

I am going to livestream my planning and recording of an ignite talk. I am going to be teaching poetry (surprise) and choosing the podcasting pathway. I have been recording and publishing a daily poem since 2020-04-01 here is today's:

If you want to join me as I plan a poetry Ignite Talk my video link is