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Bookmark #2


Roll20 is a very wonderful site. I've used it countless times whenever I needed to quickly pull up a spell, magic item description, or a monster's stat block. It's also a platform where you can play sessions online if you're unable to host an IRL game. I have a few online games currently running at the moment. We just defeated a powerful magic imbued warrior that was then warped into a monster by the party's main antagonist, Rob Boss (Yes, it's a reverse Bob Ross and he's evil... I don't ask questions, I just roll with it). We've cleared the castle of the Drow, killed the Lich, and secured a meatball parm sandwich for a "friend" we forcefully made along the way.


Roll20 has helped me learn many things that I wouldn't have learned on my own and has partly encouraged me to maybe one day host an online game. But I'm hesitant as I need to buy the books online to use for source material even though I already own them in physical form.