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Final 4 Blog Posts: Week 3

2 min read

1. Project

I finally presented my Ignite Talk! I think I did pretty well, those 15 seconds actually go by LONGER than you think. My next steps this week are filming and editing my video and finalizing my portfolio.

2. Project

I finally finished filming the video! It surprisingly only took about an hour and I got some great footage. My camera stopped recording at the tail end of me filming, but I can edit around that. My zine turned out really cute, and I'm going to be photocopying them to give out as Christmas gifts.

3. Anything: Project Edition

I started editing the video and have it mostly finished - the only part I struggled with is getting only ONE CLIP to be sped up instead of the entire video. I figured it out after my sister taught me how to do it. Surprisingly, iMovie is really easy to work with - I added layered sounds and music and a moving title sequence!

4. Anything: Project Edition

I finished my video! It looks amazing, I'm pretty proud of myself. I uploaded it to YouTube and embedded it into my portfolio page. I learned a lot in this class and its so exciting to see how everything I worked on is coming to life right before my eyes!