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I play with code to understand comprehension as I have no way to comprehend code.

Week 3 : Case Study Outline

2 min read

Case study outline:

Using Deign to Cultivate Personal Skills and Serve the Community 

  • Bertie County is the poorest county in North Carolina 
  • Home to the community-focused nonprofit group Project H Design; uses the power of design and hands-on building to catalyze communities and public education from within (headed by Emily Pilloton and Matt Miller)
  • Studio H is a public high school “design/build” curriculum; it was the country’s first design, vocation, and community service program in public highschool - mission is to encourage design thinking in a classroom without resorting to being a “glorified art class” 
  • Studio H was founded as an official community college course where high school juniors earn college credits and have the opportunity to partake in a paid summer internship as well. Each semester focuses on a small number of large communist projects, which students design and build from start to finish 
  • Miller and Pilloton designed studio h’s curriculum as a specific extension of the work they had strong doing in berry county and launched in 2010 
  • Studio H borrows from Project H design’s six overall design tenets, a group of principles (6 values that they can always come back to) 
  1. There is no design without critical action
  2. We design With, not FOR
  3. We document, share, and measure
  4. We start locally and scale globally
  5. We design systems, not stuff
  6. We build


  • Studio H opens opportunities for students, teaching ; didn’t write this program to recruit next generation of architects, but to leave students something as they go on with life

Outline of Connected Learning/ Reflection

1 min read

  • Connected learning combines personal interests, supportive relationships, & opportunities
  • learning with access to information and social connection that embraces diverse backgrounds and interests of young people 
  • Interests: learning is motivating when it grows out of personal interest 
    • Research indicates that interest helps us pay attention, make connections, engage in deeper learning
  • Relationships: learners need support from peers and mentors to press through setbacks and challenges
  • Opportunities: Success beyond a classroom requires connections to real-world career and civic opportunities

Reflection would drive learning in a connected space because it allows us to think back and evaluate. By examining our experience with existing knowledge, we are able to come to a conclusion of what needs to be worked on. That way, we are learning from our mistakes or how to be better overall.



Week 2 Readings

2 min read

We Are All Cyborgs Now 


  • we are all cyborgs - every time we look at a computer screen/phone 
  • if we print out our computer, it'll be thousands of pounds 
  • we have a second self (present ourself in digital life) people are interacting with us online whether or not we are there 
  • everyone carries wormholes in their pockets (A to B immediately)
  • you can stand on one side of the world, whisper & it’ll be heard on the other side
  • kids today have an instantaneous culture 
  • machines are helping us be more human; co creating eachother all the time (things are beautiful & it’s still human connection, just done in a different way) 

Big Mother is Watching


  • this author is obsessed with her sleep cycle app (hovering so self-righteously over 8hrs of sleep, sends to friends, instagrams it, etc) 
  • lives by the quality percentage of her sleep (grades her day based on her sleep Ex). B+ for 88% sleeping quality) 
  • cheats bc staying up messes with the way she likes to believe/present how she lives (pretends they don’t exist in order to protect her fixed reality)
  • “actionless sleep & good sleep aren’t the same thing”
  • 2013, man convicted of man slaughter using “Strava data concerning his speed on his bike”
  • people track things centered around health, hobbies, and things they’re curious about based on the way we navigate in this world 
  • happiness is rooted in transparency; knowledge is the source of peace; life is made of data - life that is readable (changeable) is life at its most optimized 

Week 2 Reading Notes

1 min read

"We Are All Cyborgs Now"

- We are "cyborgs" becayse most of our time is spent on computers/phones

- Children revolve around technology because it's all around them

- We rely on "external brains" (technology) to communicate, not much face to face communication

- We have a second self online that we have to maintain and people interect with

- Our values and cultures are being shaped by technology (evolving us)

- Technology is not adopted because it works but because we use it

"Big Mother Is Watching You"

- In today's society everything can be tracked by technology, sleep, steps, fitness routine, location etc. 

- By 2018 there will be 60 million fitness trackers worldwide

- Technology captures data that used to be inaccessible

- Data from companies are suppose to private but they can change the privacy policy even after you've read the terms and conditions, third party companies are allowed to buy data from them

- In the future there will be more data which means employers will create more technology to tack data

Week Two Readings

2 min read

"We Are All Cyborgs Now"

- A cyborg is an organism "to which exogenous components have been added for the purpose of adapting to new enviroments"

-Potentially happens while looking at computer screens

-Inside a computer is thousands of pounds of paper

-Technology was made for humans

-Anytime we can connect to anyone we want

-People aren't taking time for mental reflection anymore

-Cell phones are compared to wormholes

-Human connection increasing due to easier accessibility

-Humans check their phones at all times

-Hard for people to do stuff in the enviroment without using technology

-Less figuring out "your second self"

-Everyone wants to find mostly everything online 

-With this equipment it is easier to lose face to face communication

"Big Mother is Watching You"

-Not always 100 percent true to stats

-Devices can track children, adults, and pets

-If a device is functional, something people care about/ can do something about, and data is valuable people will purchase

-They promote healthy lifestyles but all of the devices don't have goals

-The Apple watch aims to put health trackers on 15 million wrists

-KGoal: A device that helps track pelvic floor health

-Whistle: Makes round silver devices that monitor your dogs activity 

-This could be looked at as voluntarily releasing personal data

-Some products are advertised differently than how they actually come

-Big Companies: Nest, Progressive Snapshot, Dropcam