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I play with code to understand comprehension as I have no way to comprehend code.

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Connected Learning: PLNs

  • Howard starts using social media in the classroom and wanted to learn from more experienced educators 
  • Online webinar - 150 educators and librarians from the worldwide come together on twitter 
  • Settling on a time for regular twitter chats can grow into an open, voluntary, shifting, and growing community that uses the same media they are teaching their students
  • These people (Edchatters) are among the first to evaluate and maybe adopt new media that show educational potential  
  • Passionate learning networks (PLNs) is defined as the people you choose to connect with and learn from 
  • Shelly: A Global Netweaver, curator, PLN builder 
  • Shelly has a must of resources for educators who want to use Skype and videoskype to go global with their classrooms 
  • Shelly maintains a wiki of social media and resources for educators, and published a screencast about how to build your PLN using twitter
  • Students can build their PLNs by starting with blogs to show them how to participate by commenting 
  • If teachers share their experiences, they’ll begin to appreciate the power of the PLN when other people thank them and tell them how their students were enriched by it 
  • PLNs are about open conversations - as long as you’re listening and contributing, the conversation continues 


  • Screencasting is a digital video and audio recording of what occurs on a presenter’s computer screen
  • it is an effective instructional format that can be used for tutorials, demonstrations, digital storytelling, and narrated powerpoints 
  • A screencast can include different elements, such as music, sound effects, audio, and graphics 
  • It as emerged as a prominent teaching tool on the internet; students can learn by example, seeing step by step in great detail on what to do 
  • By being able to pause, it gives students the option to move at their own pace 
  • Flipped: What can be done in a classroom can now be done at home & vice versa 


Teach something

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I will be teaching how to download the Spotify app onto your MacBook through a screencast. 

  • Good teaching is being knowledgeable, empathetic, engaging, and communicative. I think as a teacher, being able to connect with your students is vital. It establishes a safe environment in your classroom, allowing students to feel at ease and comfortable. 
  • A good lesson is when a teacher is clear and engaging. Presenting a powerpoint is important because it can get a teacher’s point across. However, without anything to visually show or allow students to engage in the lesson can be boring. I think it’s important to have group work or physical activities where students can actively see and engage in order to better understand the lesson. By being engaging, it helps students to participate and stay focused, keeping them interested. 

Selfie Project

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For my selfie, I decided to write down my workouts from the previous week. I very much enjoy going to the gym with my friend Sam to relase any stress from school and work. 


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A learning identity is a knowledge about how one learns , their views about their own ability to learn. I can see myself as one with a learning identity because I engage experiences with a learning attitude and believe in myself. In my opinion if a person doesn't believe they can learn a certain thing they will not learn it. That is why I taught myself to keep an open mind when learning new topics. This identity can develop over time from consistently having an open mind and willing to learn new topics. This is something I've been doing for a while and it helps me to be a better student. Of course there will be times you do not understand topics but working through them only helps you grow as an individual. By learning this way you know all your strengths and what strategies help you learn the best.