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I play with code to understand comprehension as I have no way to comprehend code.

Week 3 : Case Study Outline

2 min read

Case study outline:

Using Deign to Cultivate Personal Skills and Serve the Community 

  • Bertie County is the poorest county in North Carolina 
  • Home to the community-focused nonprofit group Project H Design; uses the power of design and hands-on building to catalyze communities and public education from within (headed by Emily Pilloton and Matt Miller)
  • Studio H is a public high school “design/build” curriculum; it was the country’s first design, vocation, and community service program in public highschool - mission is to encourage design thinking in a classroom without resorting to being a “glorified art class” 
  • Studio H was founded as an official community college course where high school juniors earn college credits and have the opportunity to partake in a paid summer internship as well. Each semester focuses on a small number of large communist projects, which students design and build from start to finish 
  • Miller and Pilloton designed studio h’s curriculum as a specific extension of the work they had strong doing in berry county and launched in 2010 
  • Studio H borrows from Project H design’s six overall design tenets, a group of principles (6 values that they can always come back to) 
  1. There is no design without critical action
  2. We design With, not FOR
  3. We document, share, and measure
  4. We start locally and scale globally
  5. We design systems, not stuff
  6. We build


  • Studio H opens opportunities for students, teaching ; didn’t write this program to recruit next generation of architects, but to leave students something as they go on with life

Week 2 Reflection

3 min read


  • Monday: This week, I focused more on my eye. I started off with eyeshadow, using a light brownish color rather than something bright. I applied the color in my crease, blending back and forth in wind wiper motion. Then I took a darker brown and focused more on the outer corner of my eye to accentuate the shape of my eye. I blended that dark color into the previous color. After that, I decided to step outside my comfort zone and add some color, experimenting. I took a gold champagne color and with my ring finger, I pressed it onto the middle of my lid. My finger seemed to keep the pigment more, getting as much color as possible. I blended that gold color into my crease & and the outer corner. I left a gap under the brow bone so the eyeshadow wont seem too out of place. 


  • Wednesday: I watched a video and learned from my friend the next step of eye makeup which is eyeliner! Eyeliner is the black drawn line on the eye that can form my eye shape. It makes a huge difference by making my eye pop. I started off simple, drawing a thin line rather than a wing on my eye, using liquid eyeliner. However, i start to progress and draw a slight wing, making sure both of my eyes match. I do this by extending a line from my bottom lash line. After I match my wings on both sides of my eye, I close/connect the end of my wings by drawing it down creating almost a triangle shape to get that wing figure. It turned out average because i didn’t try to do a big wing. I went for something more simple and easier. However, since it was only my first time doing eyeliner, my hands weren’t steady so the lines weren’t that clean. 



  • Friday: Today, I focused on my eyebrows. My eyebrows were a little difficult to do because it wasn’t clean. However, I was still able to shape it and apply the product lightly, yet dark enough to look natural & fill in the sparse areas. I had some trouble with the front of my eyebrows bc the hair is lighter and I kept filling it in too much. I tried to outline my eyebrows with concealer to hide the hairs in order to make it look clean. However, you can still somewhat see the hair. Overall, I thought that it came out average. Next time I just need to clean it up in order for it to look flawless and work on applying my brows with a “lighter” hand. 


Week 1 Reflection

3 min read


  • Monday: I decided to learn how to do makeup this month, starting off with a “beginners foundation routine” video. I started with foundation because it is the base of the face before you apply anything else on. I learned that my skin is more on the dry side so I need a good moisturizer that’ll smoothen out my skin before I apply makeup, otherwise it won’t blend easily. I also learned to use a flat brush in order to get that flawless, airbrush effect. I learned that you have to also powder your face after you use liquid foundation in order for everything to set, otherwise it can rub off more easily. The color my mom has is also a little lighter than my natural color, but I didn’t have trouble applying the product. I now know that for next time, I just need the right color. I also used some of my moms concealer to hide any scars or red spots on my face. I didn’t do too good of a job with the concealer because some of my scars still showed. i have to work on my blending & also look into other brands. However, I think for the most part, the foundation/base of my face looked blended & natural. It didn’t look too caked up, just liked i hoped for. 


  • Wednesday: The next step after foundation, I decided to learn about contour, highlight, and blush which is basically the details that accentuates my face. i learned that contour enhances the sculpture of my face, highlight balances contour out with a glow, & blush adds color to my cheek. When I tried to contour, I used a darker shade to create that shadow look, emphasizing my cheek bones. However, rather than the contour structuring my face, it looked unnatural and out of place. I might have used a color that was too orange & used too much of it. However, I liked the highlight because it added a natural glow, especially when the light hits my cheek bones. i learned not to add too much because it would have looked too glittery. I applied a slight blush on the “apple” of my cheeks to add color. I didn’t do too much because i thought it would have looked unnatural with the contour and highlight.  



  • Friday: Today, I applied all the techniques I learned with foundation, contour, highlight, and blush together. To do something new, I also tried to curl my eyelashes. My lashes are very short so it was difficult to curl. I learned that if I looked up & pressed the curler against my eyelids, it would be easier and faster. I had to pinch my lashes a couple of times with a good amount of pressure in order to get the curled effect. I then applied mascara, which i found to be a lot of easier. Mascara really made a difference to my face because it accentuated my eyes. Overall, my face makeup looked slightly better and I improved on my contour. It still looked unnatural but I used a lot less so it wasn’t too much and used a darker tone instead of an orange tone.