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Do Something Survey

1 min read

For my "Do Something" Project, I will be starting my weightoss journey.

Graphic Organizer

1 min read

Created by: Kathy, Francesca, Mariana, and Tess

Shape of Stories

2 min read

For my Shape Of Story, I chose to create one for the movie, Mean Girls. At the beginning of the movie, Cadie moves to Illinois and is excited to finally not be homeschooled. She enters high school and quickly earns the ugly truth about how high school is made up of drama, lies, and scandals. This puts the second plot point towards the bottom. Eventually, she makes two new friends and they create a way to take down the plastics with the hope of destroying the toxic environment that they created. This puts the 3rd plot towards the top due to a solution to the problem. After Cadie continuously hangs out with the plastics, she eventually becomes of them. Cadie turns into a shallow person and her two original friends don’t want to be apart of her anymore. This puts the 4th plot towards the bottom. However, it goes even lower due to Regina George copying pages of the burn book and putting it all over the school. Afterward, everyone realizes that no one is better than anyone. The movie ends where the school is no longer a toxic environment and people can be friends with whoever they want to be.