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Learn something project

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I am a hardcore summer camp enthusiast. I was a camper for eight years and a lifeguard for five. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love being a lifeguard. You get to meet every camper, go for a swim whenever you want, and you get the best tan. But being on the lake all day means that I miss out on one of the most important parts of camp: Tie-Dye Tuesday.

For my Learn Something project, I want to teach myself how to tie-dye. I’ve done a couple of tee-shirts over the years, but none of them really turned out well. I’m not sure if the quality of the dye was to blame, or maybe it was just that I was 12 years old. Either way, this time around, I hope to make something amazing. You know those amazing shirts that are sold at every summer festival? The ones with vivid colors and really sharp designs. I want my projects to be that level of tie-dye, the kind that makes you say “Woah, how did you do that?!”

I want to make two main projects: a tee-shirt and a wall tapestry. For the shirt, I want to use dark purples, lavender, and a golden yellow, my sorority colors (sorority shirts can be sooo expensive, so if I’m already making some shirts, I might as well DIY some letters).  For my wall tapestry, I'll use a bedsheet from Goodwill, bleach it, and make a mandala-style tie-dye with navy blue and teal. Ideally, I'll get to make both, but it really depends on time and on how much I want to budget for supplies. 

Entrance slip 3/9/20 -
Days I learn: weekends, Friday afternoon - Sunday
Number of hours - to be determined, likely 2 active hours a day
Materials - white tee-shirts, fabric dye, soda ash, rubber bands, plastic tub, foil baking tray w/ roasting rack. Maybe paraffin wax for batik and/or stamping rubber to make a stamp.

A person can definitely have more than one identity. For example, I have a certain identity as a camp counselor at Camp Laurel. There, I'm a lifeguard, I have a lot of experience working with kids, and I'm looked up to by the campers. Here at Southern, I'm a student, I'm a member of Delta Phi Epsilon, and I earn pretty good grades. These two identities don't often overlap in my day-to-day life, so I would consider them two separate identities, even though they're both a part of me. In this sense, these identities are formed by the people I'm surrounded by in these environments. However, it could also be argued that since I identify with each of these aspects individually, they come together to make up one singular identity. Ultimately, the choice of how to identify is up to the individual.