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I am a freshman at Southern Connecticut State University studying elementary education. I love working with children and I love the outdoors! You can always find me on a beach in the summer.


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A learning identity is a knowledge about how one learns , their views about their own ability to learn. I can see myself as one with a learning identity because I engage experiences with a learning attitude and believe in myself. In my opinion if a person doesn't believe they can learn a certain thing they will not learn it. That is why I taught myself to keep an open mind when learning new topics. This identity can develop over time from consistently having an open mind and willing to learn new topics. This is something I've been doing for a while and it helps me to be a better student. Of course there will be times you do not understand topics but working through them only helps you grow as an individual. By learning this way you know all your strengths and what strategies help you learn the best. 


Shape of Stories

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This is my Shape Of Story for the movie 8 Miles. The numbers on the graph indicate the turning points in the movie. The diagram gives a clear visual of the steps occurring. 

Week Two Readings

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"We Are All Cyborgs Now"

- A cyborg is an organism "to which exogenous components have been added for the purpose of adapting to new enviroments"

-Potentially happens while looking at computer screens

-Inside a computer is thousands of pounds of paper

-Technology was made for humans

-Anytime we can connect to anyone we want

-People aren't taking time for mental reflection anymore

-Cell phones are compared to wormholes

-Human connection increasing due to easier accessibility

-Humans check their phones at all times

-Hard for people to do stuff in the enviroment without using technology

-Less figuring out "your second self"

-Everyone wants to find mostly everything online 

-With this equipment it is easier to lose face to face communication

"Big Mother is Watching You"

-Not always 100 percent true to stats

-Devices can track children, adults, and pets

-If a device is functional, something people care about/ can do something about, and data is valuable people will purchase

-They promote healthy lifestyles but all of the devices don't have goals

-The Apple watch aims to put health trackers on 15 million wrists

-KGoal: A device that helps track pelvic floor health

-Whistle: Makes round silver devices that monitor your dogs activity 

-This could be looked at as voluntarily releasing personal data

-Some products are advertised differently than how they actually come

-Big Companies: Nest, Progressive Snapshot, Dropcam