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SCSU 23'
lGbtq Hispanic.
Political Science Major.

Week One, Learning Project
I own a red 2005 Dodge Magnum, so i needed to inform myself on it. I watched many YouTube videos about the car, like what i need to know, what 3 things are crucial to the maintenance etc.
After that i focused mainly on the oil change videos. The reason to this is my step-father kind of forced my hand. He told me,"Why waste money on a man to do your stuff, when you can do it yourself." Although i still go to a shop to get my oil change every 3,000 miles i learned just to satisfy him and my mother. When i was looking at the videos i saw that the process was pretty easy; you just need the right tools.

Reflection of Last Week

1 min read

Last week on Monday I worked on blog, picked a group and also worked on my graphic organizer with my group. Regarding my October project on what i want to learn i have not posted any bookmarks yet because im building content. I believe i am not done yet with my blog, that is the only thing that im super behind on. I will come this wednesday to get extra help!

Learner's Identity

1 min read

As a learner i dont really have a set identitiy. Most of the time is if it's a class or a subject that doesn't interest me I have a negative energy towards that class. Although at times i may not like the class there are days where i go in with a positive mindset and i will particpate and will pay attentions, but most of the time i can't. I would either fall asleep or pay no attention and then go home with no clue of what i am supposed to do or how to do it. It also does not help me at all that i work full-time so that also distracts me and takes my focus on that class. Although i find all these blockages and negative energy and distraction i am still determined to pass the class. So as i said from the beginning my learning identity is kind of all over the place. 

Shape of Stories

1 min read

For my assignment I used a music video to a song that has been on my mind a lot recently. 

Rise Up -Andra Day