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SCSU 23'
lGbtq Hispanic.
Political Science Major.


1 min read

I tried my best with this portfolio, i am not a techy person.

Ignite Talk/Do Something Survey

1 min read

For my ignite talk/do something i will be informing and the viewers about a current Supreme Court case thats currently going on & the effects it will have on million of lives. I will also talk about some o fthe ways we can do something about the issue.


1 min read

For my teach something with technology i will screen record how i edit the pictures that go on my intsagram :)

Week Three, Learning Project.
Changed the oil. -Since i did this 2 weeks ago i will be making a video summarizing the process because my car does not need another oil change.

Week Two, Learning Project
Bought all the right tools, oil and oil filter.