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I am trying to make this class using as much openly licensed material as possible. I also tried to design the class so the learner engages in their own journey about learning how to learn in a networked society.

The following folks deserve made love in helping to shape this course and my thinking over time.

Module One: Tell Your Story.

This module is a mix of an old lesson that I first encountered when I took Alan Levine's YouShow course and Kim Jaxon Connected Learning course.

From Alan Levine or grabbed the Shape of a Story exercise. It worked really well. Also, gave me an important chance to focus on text structure of research articles. It also provided students a chance to start thinking about the shape of their selfie projects.

The selfie project and theĀ  other readings I took from Kim Jaxon's Seeking Equity in Connected Learning Course.

Some of the came from the assignment bank. I need to add the others.