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Hey #edu106 here are photos of our lecture lastdiscussion at @scsu.

Hey #edu106 here are photos  of our lecture lastdiscussion at @scsu.
Hey #edu106 here are photos  of our lecture lastdiscussion at @scsu.

Remember our goal it to "operationalize" the "theory" of connected learning using "matirix analysis" to evaluate an online community

We have discussed shapes a lot this semester. We started by tracing the shape of Kobe Bryant's award winning farwell to basketball. You then traced a shape of a story. Finally you shared the shape of your own story as we built an About Me website, created an unselfie, and did a photo challenge.

Meanwhile we learned how to recognize the shapes of qualitative and quantitative research articles you will encounter in college. We explored how values get baked into numbers or codes.

Now you begin to shape your own research.

We have been learning about a theory of learning called "connected learning." Theory gets operationalized in research, so the way we are doing that is by breaking connected learning into categories and placing this in a table. There is a column for you describe how you define the principle, a column for you to describe your learning community, and then a column for any additional notes. This is a simplified version of something we call matrix analysis.

This process is our method of research. You have to first complete an example of your matrix by looking at an exemplar texts. These are the case study examples from the DML Research hub we looked at. This provides you a chance to practice completing the matrix.

Giving you practice means you get trained as a researcher and this helps increase the rigor of results.

After you did the model you were then to choose a community to analyze. Remember you are not going to prove if it is or is not "connected learning."

You collect evidence, put it in the write box on your matrix, look for patterns and draw conclusions. It may or may not be a connected learning space. It may not matter. Go where the data takes you.

This graphic organizer is due next Monday. While this was a group project I will allow people to work alone giving the craziness going on.

Photo Challenge silhouette

Photo Challenge silhouette

It is officially long boi hours

Day 1 Photo Challenge

Day 1 Photo Challenge

My cookbook collection is my door to the world. Some are specific, some are weird, and some are useful, but they all reveal different flavors, different people, and different points of view.