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I play with code to understand comprehension as I have no way to comprehend code.

Do Something - Blog Post Week 3

2 min read

Week #3 


Blog 1: The youth Christmas skit has come a long way. We quickly claimed our parts and acted to the song. I am a homeless person looking for food. The other members are playing a crazy person, a drunk person, a robber, etc. In the end, the person playing Jesus will come hug and accept us all, helping us through our trials. 


Blog 2: The teenagers and the children are still singing the song “Do You Hear What I Hear?”. We have certainly gotten better at singing it. Our timing is right and we are now more aware of our parts. However, now the main problem is that some people aren’t singing loud enough. This is a problem due to the lack of motivation and participation of the members. 


Blog 3: Next week is finals and I am currently trying to figure out a plan so I do not procrastinate. I have decided that I will work on my Philosophy take-home essays over the weekend so that next week, I will only need to study for my first 2 tests and work on my portfolio. I have also finished my final essay for INQ, getting one thing out of the way. This week has been stressful trying to get everything together. However, the week is almost over and I was able to manage! 



Blog 4: I was able to attend a seminar that focused on women immigrants who worked in farms. We watched a documentary called “Rape in the Fields”. It went in depth with the hardships these women endure everyday being sexually abused. These women are in a position that feels hopeless, where going to authorities can potentially put them in danger of being deported yet keeping quiet also puts them in a position of losing themselves. It was gruesome to hear and heartbreaking to learn that this has been going on for decades with no justice served. 


Week 3 : Case Study Outline

2 min read

Case study outline:

Using Deign to Cultivate Personal Skills and Serve the Community 

  • Bertie County is the poorest county in North Carolina 
  • Home to the community-focused nonprofit group Project H Design; uses the power of design and hands-on building to catalyze communities and public education from within (headed by Emily Pilloton and Matt Miller)
  • Studio H is a public high school “design/build” curriculum; it was the country’s first design, vocation, and community service program in public highschool - mission is to encourage design thinking in a classroom without resorting to being a “glorified art class” 
  • Studio H was founded as an official community college course where high school juniors earn college credits and have the opportunity to partake in a paid summer internship as well. Each semester focuses on a small number of large communist projects, which students design and build from start to finish 
  • Miller and Pilloton designed studio h’s curriculum as a specific extension of the work they had strong doing in berry county and launched in 2010 
  • Studio H borrows from Project H design’s six overall design tenets, a group of principles (6 values that they can always come back to) 
  1. There is no design without critical action
  2. We design With, not FOR
  3. We document, share, and measure
  4. We start locally and scale globally
  5. We design systems, not stuff
  6. We build


  • Studio H opens opportunities for students, teaching ; didn’t write this program to recruit next generation of architects, but to leave students something as they go on with life

Week 3 - Identity as a Learner

1 min read

I think my identity as a learner depends on the subject I’m learning. If it’s something that doesn’t grab my attention, I tend to hold back & put in little effort in exploring that subject. For example, I take music history this semester. It's not something I find interesting therefore my identity as a learner for that subject is considered to be a lazy student. I'm not excited to learn and I tend to doze off in that class. I overall don’t try really hard. However, my math class, I think of myself as an average learner. I aket my notes, do my hw early, and I study for hours before a test. Although the course is hard, it’s something that keeps me interested because I am curious to find the answer.