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I play with code to understand comprehension as I have no way to comprehend code.

Step By Step Eyeshadow Tutorial

1 min read

Do you want perfect eyeshadow look in accordance with your eye color and skin tone?

That stay long-lasting all day and make your eyes beautiful?

Then read below:

Perfect eye makeup with eyeshadow can give you a dramatic look, beauty, more feminine, and also change the shape of your eyes.

Eyeshadow can help in enhancing the feature of your eyes & make them even more attractive.

In this post, I will share step by step eyeshadow tutorial that enhances your look.

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I uploaded my screencast to Youtube but the audio cut off for some reason, I tried to upload the audio as separate for the audio on here but it didn't work. In the video I'm saying, "Hey guys this is Danilo here I'll be teaching you uhh how to download manga chapters on the Mangastorm app. So you're gonna wanna download it on the app store, open the app and hit the plus sign at the top let. Then you're gonna wanna hit the list of supported websites, you can type in whichever one but I usually use, so type in in the internal browser......*messes up typing it*......then, I'm over here so I can basically search up whatever I want, so I'll search up Gintama--cuz it's the GOAT. Press on the series, hit the add title button on the right bottom hand corner once it turns blue, added it to my reading...since it's 700 chapters it's gonna take a little while...*30 second pause* aand yeah. You can also add it to any other folder besides reading, there ya go."

screencast did not work, will reupload


My screencast


1 min read

I tried my best with this portfolio, i am not a techy person.

Final 4 Blog Posts: Week 3

2 min read

1. Project

I finally presented my Ignite Talk! I think I did pretty well, those 15 seconds actually go by LONGER than you think. My next steps this week are filming and editing my video and finalizing my portfolio.

2. Project

I finally finished filming the video! It surprisingly only took about an hour and I got some great footage. My camera stopped recording at the tail end of me filming, but I can edit around that. My zine turned out really cute, and I'm going to be photocopying them to give out as Christmas gifts.

3. Anything: Project Edition

I started editing the video and have it mostly finished - the only part I struggled with is getting only ONE CLIP to be sped up instead of the entire video. I figured it out after my sister taught me how to do it. Surprisingly, iMovie is really easy to work with - I added layered sounds and music and a moving title sequence!

4. Anything: Project Edition

I finished my video! It looks amazing, I'm pretty proud of myself. I uploaded it to YouTube and embedded it into my portfolio page. I learned a lot in this class and its so exciting to see how everything I worked on is coming to life right before my eyes!