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Podcast 2: Would I Recommend Learning Latin?

Loosely based script:

So... would I recommend learning Latin? I would say it depends on who you are. There are some benefits, but for me they weren’t the actual language itself. If you do want to learn Latin to learn the language, by all means go ahead, but I think the majority of the benefits don’t have to deal with the language itself. Along with the benefits that are mentioned in the TedTalk I linked earlier like cultural appreciation and a deeper understanding of English, it kinda just feels cool to “know” the basics.

Also, since I’m a history major, I’ve been able to connect more dots in the readings for my Western Civ class which has also been kinda dope. I plan to be a teacher so I don’t expect to need to know Latin down to a tee, but it’s nice to have that foundation of linguistics under my belt. If you’re a fan of history or the English language or maybe you’re just bored, I think it’d be pretty cool to learn Latin.

However, if you couldn’t care less about learning a new language or history, then this probably isn’t the right thing for you since Latin is known for being quite difficult to pick up. The non-Latin benefits I spoke about earlier could also come from just studying linguistics and history, but Latin is sort of that cool package deal. It’s not for everyone, but if it is, you should definitely take a swing at it.