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Notes on Approaching our Next Module in #edu106 a Tech fluency class @scsu a study in digital #literacies

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We began class with a check-in. Every class begins with an entrance slip where students blog about their writing. I use this technique to take advantage of instructional minutesd but also allow students who have back to back classes across campus make it before we start new material.

We then went over expectations of our second module "Learn Something"

We first connected back to the larger picture in class. It is always better to connect objectives back to course goals and even better if you can connect to personal learning goals.

In this class students get exposure to web development, photography, audio, and video editing. They then specialize when they choose a "Do Something" project to better themselves or the world.

Next we reviewed the principles of connected learning. I went over the history and values included in the perspective.

II then reviewed with students how I scaffold their case study writing. Today I provided direct instruction on Connected Learning. Then this week we are looking at mentor text written by the connected leqrning alliance.

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