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Learn Something Module Checklist

1 min read

  • Did you read the Maisha Winn article?
  • Did you make a concept map, drawing the shape of Winn's piece? How would you visually represent the ideas, organizations, and connections?
  • Did you publish a post describing what you will learn?
  • Did you publish a blog post, meeting our new high standards, reflecting on the readings?
  • Did you bookmark three sources you will use to learn something?
  • Did you take and share notes on the bookmarks you shared?
  • Did you share three written reflections on what your are learning?
  • Did you share thee audio reflection on what you are learning?
  • Did you analyze a mentor text using our graphic organizer?
  • Did you submit a graphic organizer analyzing an online community
  • Did you write a 250 case study of your online community evaluating the space using a connected learning lens?

Italics are currently in progress and due by 2020-04-03.