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Latin Podcast

This is the "script" that I based my podcast on:

My goal has been to learn the basics of Latin and so far, it’s a little tougher than I thought it would be. The fact that both nouns and verbs change based on how they’re being used is something I’m not familiar with. I have, however, learned quite a bit about the English language through this experience. This also happened when I took Spanish during middle school and high school, but now I’m learning a bit more in depth about the roles of nouns and the different types of nouns. For example, if a noun is the subject of the sentence, it will be spelled one way, but if it’s the direct object, it will look another way.


Even though it’s more difficult than most Romance languages, in terms of grammar, I do think it’d be cool to know. I’m a history major so I especially find linguistics to be fascinating. I’ve noticed how similar a lot of the vocabulary is similar to a lot of words in English. Words like “violence”, “to hear”, and “to see” are “violentiam”, “audire”, and “videre”. Audio and video mean I hear, and I see in Latin. The way many cultures are connected through linguistics is all the more reason to learn Latin because even Latin borrows from Ancient Greek and Phoenician.


I’ve been looking at English words a bit closer now and have been able to sort of mentally sort whether a word or grammar rule has been derived from its Germanic or Latin roots which is pretty cool to me.