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Bookmarked Source #2 - YouTube Video

1 min read

I like how this guy drew on a paper a sketch of his house and measurements. This is very important to keep organized during your build, and it was our first step in our build. 

Another thing in this video, that we did was using the chop saw. He also used the first piece of wood he cut to cut the next one. We did the same thing with putting the already cut piece of wood on top of the non-cut wood to cut that the exact same size. 

When making the sides of the houses that the roof will sit on we like the video, used a triangle ruler to mark the roof lines.

I noticed when the guy in the video had to cut angled cuts he used his Miter Saw. When my dad and I had to do the same kind of cuts we used circular saw because we don't have a Miter Saw.

This concludes my notes on this source.