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(Final?) Blog Post

2 min read

With class nearing its end, I wanna say it's been a great class. Shame we didn't get to spend more time in class because of the outbreak. I really enjoyed the atmosphere of the classroom. That and the confusion of doing a lot of work from home on some projects where I didn't know what I was doing was stressful, but here we are. My only question at the end is how we'll be graded and If I did a good enough job. I remember we were supposed to meet with our professor in person to discuss what grades we deserve for our midterm, but then the outbreak happened and some of us never got the chance. So with that,  I'm just gonna say that during the first few months I feel like my work as at best A- or B+ material. I always tried my best to stay on track and make sure I knew exactly what I needed to do to accomplish my goals. And for the final, well I don't know if my input matters in this regard given the circumstances, but I would say personally my work due to the outbreak has degraded to a B-. Despite my best efforts, I cannot help but feel my work is not what it could be given the stay at home order and I had to figure a lot of things out for myself. But in all that, I do not regret taking this class at all, outbreak or not. It was fun, the professor was kind, respectful, and most importantly: Patient. I truly admire this quality in people, more so in teachers. He always made sure to get to everyone's question and didn't blow a gasket if someone repeated a question already asked, he simply just answered it again so for that he has my undying respect. I wish there were more professors like him that realize new students are rookies to the subject and don't have the same level of understanding as he does.

Great class, greater professor, I just wish the outbreak happened later/never just so I could've gotten the true EDU106 experience.

This may be my last blog post so with that, thank you all for coming along with me on this journey and I hope our paths cross once more.

This is Chris, signing off.