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Week Two Readings

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"We Are All Cyborgs Now"

- A cyborg is an organism "to which exogenous components have been added for the purpose of adapting to new enviroments"

-Potentially happens while looking at computer screens

-Inside a computer is thousands of pounds of paper

-Technology was made for humans

-Anytime we can connect to anyone we want

-People aren't taking time for mental reflection anymore

-Cell phones are compared to wormholes

-Human connection increasing due to easier accessibility

-Humans check their phones at all times

-Hard for people to do stuff in the enviroment without using technology

-Less figuring out "your second self"

-Everyone wants to find mostly everything online 

-With this equipment it is easier to lose face to face communication

"Big Mother is Watching You"

-Not always 100 percent true to stats

-Devices can track children, adults, and pets

-If a device is functional, something people care about/ can do something about, and data is valuable people will purchase

-They promote healthy lifestyles but all of the devices don't have goals

-The Apple watch aims to put health trackers on 15 million wrists

-KGoal: A device that helps track pelvic floor health

-Whistle: Makes round silver devices that monitor your dogs activity 

-This could be looked at as voluntarily releasing personal data

-Some products are advertised differently than how they actually come

-Big Companies: Nest, Progressive Snapshot, Dropcam