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Week Two Reading Notes

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“We are all cyborgs now”

  • Cyborg: an organism “to which exogenous components have been added for the purpose of adapting to new environments. 

  • Inside a computer there’s thousands of information that is important to us. 

  • We have a “second self” online. 

  • Technology is made for humans 

  • Called phones “wormholes”

  • People mentally transform themselves when on their phone 

  • Ambient intimacy - “were not always connected to everybody, but at anytime we can connect to anyone we want”. 

  • People aren’t taking time for mental reflection anymore

  • Machines aren’t really taking over, it’s that they’re helping us to be more human. It helps us connect with each other.

“Big Mother is Watching You”


  • Tracks her sleeping cycle with an app called Sleep Cycle. 

  • “By 2018, there will be 60 millions fitness tracers in use worldwide”

  • The Apple Watch aims to put health trackers on 15 million wrists. 

  • Trackers have still penetrated only 3% of the marketplace.

  • “The next generation of devices will promise ways to think about our bodies and lives in fundamentally more sophisticated, profound, and actionable ways.”

  • Knowledge is a source of peace.