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Week 2 Readings

2 min read

We Are All Cyborgs Now 


  • we are all cyborgs - every time we look at a computer screen/phone 
  • if we print out our computer, it'll be thousands of pounds 
  • we have a second self (present ourself in digital life) people are interacting with us online whether or not we are there 
  • everyone carries wormholes in their pockets (A to B immediately)
  • you can stand on one side of the world, whisper & it’ll be heard on the other side
  • kids today have an instantaneous culture 
  • machines are helping us be more human; co creating eachother all the time (things are beautiful & it’s still human connection, just done in a different way) 

Big Mother is Watching


  • this author is obsessed with her sleep cycle app (hovering so self-righteously over 8hrs of sleep, sends to friends, instagrams it, etc) 
  • lives by the quality percentage of her sleep (grades her day based on her sleep Ex). B+ for 88% sleeping quality) 
  • cheats bc staying up messes with the way she likes to believe/present how she lives (pretends they don’t exist in order to protect her fixed reality)
  • “actionless sleep & good sleep aren’t the same thing”
  • 2013, man convicted of man slaughter using “Strava data concerning his speed on his bike”
  • people track things centered around health, hobbies, and things they’re curious about based on the way we navigate in this world 
  • happiness is rooted in transparency; knowledge is the source of peace; life is made of data - life that is readable (changeable) is life at its most optimized