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Week 2 Reading Notes

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"We Are All Cyborgs Now"

- We are "cyborgs" becayse most of our time is spent on computers/phones

- Children revolve around technology because it's all around them

- We rely on "external brains" (technology) to communicate, not much face to face communication

- We have a second self online that we have to maintain and people interect with

- Our values and cultures are being shaped by technology (evolving us)

- Technology is not adopted because it works but because we use it

"Big Mother Is Watching You"

- In today's society everything can be tracked by technology, sleep, steps, fitness routine, location etc. 

- By 2018 there will be 60 million fitness trackers worldwide

- Technology captures data that used to be inaccessible

- Data from companies are suppose to private but they can change the privacy policy even after you've read the terms and conditions, third party companies are allowed to buy data from them

- In the future there will be more data which means employers will create more technology to tack data