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I uploaded my screencast to Youtube but the audio cut off for some reason, I tried to upload the audio as separate for the audio on here but it didn't work. In the video I'm saying, "Hey guys this is Danilo here I'll be teaching you uhh how to download manga chapters on the Mangastorm app. So you're gonna wanna download it on the app store, open the app and hit the plus sign at the top let. Then you're gonna wanna hit the list of supported websites, you can type in whichever one but I usually use, so type in in the internal browser......*messes up typing it*......then, I'm over here so I can basically search up whatever I want, so I'll search up Gintama--cuz it's the GOAT. Press on the series, hit the add title button on the right bottom hand corner once it turns blue, added it to my reading...since it's 700 chapters it's gonna take a little while...*30 second pause* aand yeah. You can also add it to any other folder besides reading, there ya go."